Robert Kuzelj
Passionate about business and software

Robert Kuzelj

Hi! I am Robert. I love building businesses and I love building software.
Most of all I love building software with a passionate team to create scalable businesses.

Born: 1970-01-01
Munich, Germany
+49 15 7878 3333 8



I am an online payment expert with extensive knowledge in credit cards, alternative payments options and ecommerce in general. I have worked in the banking and payment industry since 1996.


I have lead teams of different sizes during the last 15 years of my carreer. As the CEO of PAY.ON I built the initial team from initially 4 person to a team of over 50 employees worldwide.


I have programmed for 30 years now. The last 17 years in an professional environment. I like building high-performance & scalable software - be it on the server or on the client. I am always interested in new technologies. At the moment I am mostly into Node.js, DevOps and Ruby on Rails.

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SQL (language)


Jusai Marketing Munich

CEO/CTO 2012 — Today
I am responsible for the architecture, implementation, operations and sales of a marketing games platform. I handle a team of 5 remote people.

PAY.ON AG Munich

CEO/CTO 2004 — 2011
I was responsible for the development, operations and sales of a payment platform for payment service provider. I lead a team of 50+ employees worldwide.
I created the initial architecture of the product and developed large parts of the codebase (150 Kloc) up until mid of 2007. I introduced and managed the development process and the testing framework.

O2 Munich

Freelance Software-Developer 2003
Development of a “mediation” module for creating billing statements for roaming wifi-connections. I conducted the requirements-analysis, I developed and documented the final product.

Wirecard Munich

Freelance Consultant 2002
I was responsible for doing a technical due diligence between Wirecrad and Surefire Payments Montreal. The two companies planned to merge their businesses. My duty wasto work out a strategy for merging the technology stacks.

HVB Munich

Freelance Software-Developer 2002
Design, implementation and documentation a PDF writer for a trading platform on a J2EE stack.

Kirch Media AG München

Freelance Consultant 2002
Development of a component for converting all balance-sheets of all 400+ daughter companies into on unified balance sheet format in preparation for the then planed IPO.

NSE (BrainForce) Munich

Freelance technical lead and coach 1999 — 2001
Finas Enterprise – Architecture and implementation of a banking credit calculator and the associated UX. Coaching of the team members on object oriented design and object oriented analysis and on Java.

NordLB Hannover

Freelance technical lead and coach 1998 — 1999
Porting of a mainframe program into a client-server architecture. Development of a HP37x protocol-converter. Coaching of the team members on object oriented design and object oriented analysis and on Java.

IZB (Finanz Informatik) Munich

Freelance software developer 1997 — 1998
S-Kredit – Development of generic, reflection based UX modules for a customer information management system at banks (Sparkassen) to sell credits to their customers.

Oberfinanzdirektion Hannover

Freelance developer and coach 1996 — 1997
Training & Coaching of the employees on object oriented design, object oriented analysis, C++ and Java. Development of an project management tool for internal projects.

Multiple companies

Freelance trainer and coach 1995 — 1991
Trainer for end user trainings for Windows/Word/Excel/Powerpoint and coaching for software developers (C++, Visual Basic, FoxPro, database design)

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Serverless, interactive homepages using only HTML and JavaScript

2013-05-02 JavaScript User Group Munich

How to build inexpensive websites yet interactive homepages without the overhead and hassle of maintaining a server process.

Concurrent & scalable Ruby with Actors (Part II)

2013-02-13 Ruby User Group Munich

Introduction into Celluloid - a Ruby actors library - by showing a realtime sensor server.

Concurrent & scalable Ruby with Actors (Part I)

2012-12-12 Ruby User Group Munich

Introduction into Actors - Threads, processes and other concurrency concepts.

Who is afraid of whitespaces?

An unusual introduction to Coffeescript, whitespaces, classes and other scary things. This presentation will only cover very few code examples of Coffeescript but I will give the audience lots of insight of how humans perceive the world. The audience will learn how humans react to structure, how we perceive 'negative space' (whitespaces being one instance to it) and 'symbols', and how we model the world. An amusing presentation on the psychology and philosophy of programming and programming languages.

Introduction to Sinatra

2012-09-10 Ruby User Group Munich

Sinatra is a small fine framework for writing fast and concise http-applications in Ruby. For all who think that Rails is to fat.

How to escape callback hell and where to go from there?

2012-04-19 Node.js User Group Munich

A mens story about love & hate, good decoupled design and the the challenge to program evented systems while building your own asynchronous library.

The node package manager NPM

2011-12-01 Node.js User Group Munich

How to create, install and maintain a NPM module.

Aspect-Programmierung in der Praxis

2005-05-24 Java User Group Munich

Ein Praxisbericht über den Einsatz von AspectJ in einem größeren Projekt

AOP - Aspect Oriented Programming

2003-10-21 Java User Group Munich

Eine Einführung in Konzepte und die Anwendung von Aspect Orientierter Programmierung anhand von AspectJ (TM).


Introduction into Node Modules Part I

2011 Blog post on "Asynchronous Thoughts"

NPM Modules Step by Step (Part II) - Command Line Tools

2011 Blog post on "Asynchronous Thoughts"

Intro into Node Modules Part III - CLI FAQ

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Deployment von .NET-Anwendungen

2003 ASP.NET Professional

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